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dewy adj : wet with dew [syn: bedewed] [also: dewiest, dewier]

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From dew + -y


  • /ˈduː.ɪ/


  1. Covered by dew.
    The dewy grass was too slick for football.
  2. Having the quality of bearing droplets of water.
    In the dewy fog, it was cold and damp.


  • 1831 — Edgar Allan Poe, The Sleeper
    At midnight, in the month of June,I stand beneath the mystic moon.An opiate vapor, dewy, dim,Exhales from out her golden rim

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is a video game for Nintendo's Wii console by Konami. It was developed by the same team that developed Elebits, another Wii exclusive.


The main character of the game, Dewy, is a young water droplet imbued with the power of the Tree of Seven Colors, who has to set out on a heroic journey to reunite the tree's lost magical fruits, and save his land and its inhabitants, the Eau, from the hands of the evil Don Hedron.


The game features seven worlds with puzzles and enemies. The Wii remote will be utilized to control Dewy and his surroundings. The Wii remote is held horizontally and tilted to move Dewy around the screen. The D-pad can be used to either heat or cool down the environment, causing changes in Dewy's state. Heating the environment will cause him to turn into a cloud of steam and allow him to strike enemies with bolts of lightning. Cooling the environment will cause Dewy to turn into ice and freeze his surroundings. The Wii remote can also be moved in a fanning motion to create gusts of wind or side to side in order to create earthquakes. Other special abilities are being developed.


  • Groovy Grassland - A meadow type world, flower-like Eau, and the boss is Gasdron, a creature in a vase.
  • Jolty Jungle - A forest type world, fruit-like Eau, and the boss is Geldron, a crab.
  • Icy Island - A snow type world, snowball-like Eau, and the boss is Freezedron, an ice princess.
  • Clammy Caves - A cave full of fossils, slime-like Eau, and the boss is Caterpidron, a segmented "dragon".
  • Restless Ruins - A desert type world, cacti-like Eau, and the boss is Mummydron, a mummy.
  • Volatile Volcano - A volcano type world, magma rock-like Eau, and the boss is a giant moth, named Mothdron.
  • Don Hedron's Space - An arena full of mini-bosses and swarms of enemies. Only feature three missions, no Eau to rescue, and the boss is Don Hedron himself.

Edit Mode

Dewy's Adventure features a level editing mode that allows players to create fully customizable levels featuring different landscapes, puzzles, and enemies. This feature was also included in Elebits (Eledees in Europe and Australia) (the previous Wii title by Konami).


At the moment this is one many titles to feature WiiConnect24 utilization. The feature will allow gamers to share their custom made levels with friends (as in Elebits), and tips will be sent to the player via the Wii Message Board should they fail to defeat a boss.


Dewy lives in a mythical fairytale world protected by the Tree of Seven Colors. One day the evil Don Hedron attempts to cover their world in darkness. However, Don Hedron and his Dark Water are repelled by the Tree and the fairies of the land. After a long period of peace, Don Hedron returns one day. The Tree of Seven Colors soon becomes ill and is unable to protect the land as he once did. With hope fading, It puts all of his remaining strength into Dewy, the only one who will be able to free the world of the evils presented by Don Hedron, like he did 1000 years before.


Part of the plot of the game also involves rescuing Dewy's Eau friends. For the first six worlds Dewy can find 100 in each of the four missions of each world, bring them to a total of 2400 through the game, and must battle a boss in the fifth one. After completing a mission, a grade is awarded to the player regarding not only how fast it was accomplished, but also how many Eau were rescued.


The U.S. version of the game contains advertisements of Nestlé's Aquapod brand of bottled water.
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